I am a Canadian artist and educator based in northern Spain. I have been working professionally for fifteen years and have exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Please consult my curriculum vitae (PDF) for a thorough list of my artistic activities.

I established my artistic career while living in Toronto, where I completed my undergraduate degree at York University in 1998. In 2007 I moved to Mexico City to focus on making artworks and expanding my cultural knowledge.

In 2010 I followed my heart to northern Spain, where I continue to develop my art practice. This has involved completing a PhD in Contemporary Art Research (Thesis abstract, PDF) at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, where I work as an adjunct professor while I persist to make artworks.


The transformation of materials and individuals is the essence of my art practice, which focuses on themes of desire, conflict and mortality to relate aesthetic experience with our physical and psychological becoming.

My multi-disciplinary artworks incorporate both traditional and unconventional media to explore perceived divisions of body and mind, and our yearning to transcend biological limitation.

As my investigation focuses on the physical human body in relation to thought and action, my artworks in turn emphasize a connection between formal and conceptual elements, often using everyday materials that specifically reference the visual content or thematic context of the piece.

I also use conceptual and social art methodologies to explore subjective experience and personal growth, using art as a tool to stimulate a reconsideration of self-knowledge and social control, with the goal of demonstrating possibilities of freedom.

If you would like to collect, collaborate or comment on my work, please send me a message.